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There are four Committees responsible for different aspects of the conference context, organisation and execution. The Committees have been selected from members of the CORDEX Science Advisory Team (SAT) and other key representatives.

Executive Committee

  • Filippo Giorgi (CORDEX SAT Co-chair)
  • William Gutowski (CORDEX SAT Co-chair)
  • Bruce Hewitson (Co-chair of WCRP Working Group on Regional Climate)
  • Markku Rummakainen
  • Silvina Solman

Vulnerability, Impacts & Adaptation (VIA) Committee

  • Clare Goodess (Co-chair of WCRP Working Group on Regional Climate)
  • Bruce Hewitson (Co-chair of WCRP Working Group on Regional Climate)
  • Jean Palutikof (Co-chair of PROVIA Scientific Steering Committee)

Scientific Committee 

  • Filippo Giorgi (CORDEX SAT Co-chair)
  • William Gutowski (CORDEX SAT Co-chair)
  • Anne Frigon
  • Daniela Jacob
  • Hyun-Suk Kang
  • Krishnan Raghavan
  • Chris Lennard
  • Grigory Nikulin
  • Jan Polcher
  • Stefan Sobolowski
  • Silvina Solman
  • Tannecia Stephenson
  • Fredolin Tangang
  • Bertrand Timbal

Organising Committee

  • Iréne Lake (Director, International Project Office for CORDEX,SMHI - Sweden)
  • Anna Eronn (Researcher Meteorology, SMHI - Sweden)
  • Jessica Forsgard (Communications Officer, SMHI - Sweden)
  • Ingrid Gudmundsson (Communications Officer, SMHI - Sweden)
  • Gaby Langendijk (WCRP Joint Planning Staff - Switzerland)
  • Boram Lee (WCRP Joint Planning Staff - Switzerland)
  • Helena Martins (Sicence Communicator Rossby Centre -  SMHI, Sweden)
  • Catherine Michaut (IPSL-CNRS, WCRP Support Unit, France)