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Welcome to a session on Climate Services in the frame of CORDEX

Date: Thursday 2016-05-19
Time: 14.00 - 17.00
Room: to be confirmed later
Session coordinators: Daniela Jacob and Claas Teichmann
Target group: all relevant CORDEX domains

Would you like to present your work? More information or send your abstract to: Daniela Jacob and Claas Teichmann

In the first part of the session, we will have three keynote talks with discussions around the topics:

  • What can CORDEX provide for climate services? (invited speaker)
  • From CORDEX data to climate service products (invited speaker)
  • Data needs of the adaptation community in practice (invited speaker)

The second part is organized as workshop, in which the following questions are discussed

  • Does the quality of the data fit to the needs?
    - How to treat variables from new simulations?
    - Are the meta-information of the data sufficient (e.g., information about robustness)?
  • Are CORDEX data easily accessible?
    - Can the practical treatment of data be improved?
    - Is there a need for help or guidance?
  • Are the CORDEX data useful?
    - What can be improved?
    - Is the selection of variables appropriate?
    - Is the provided temporal and spatial resolution fitting the needs?

The third part is reserved for scientific presentations and for the summary of the workshop.

Climate Services are being established in all regions of the world and brought together by the Climate Service Partnership (CSP), an informal, interdisciplinary network of climate information users, providers, donors and researchers. Climate Services allow society to build resilience to future change and take advantage of opportunities provided by favorable conditions. They involve the production, translation, transfer, and use of climate knowledge and information in climate-informed decision making and climate-smart policy and planning. Great parts of the information of climate change is based on CORDEX activities whose goals include the support of climate impact, adaptation and climate service communities via the provision of relevant data. In this session, we want to stimulate the dialogue between the communities of CORDEX and climate services as well as related communities. The aim of this session is to assess whether CORDEX activities and Climate Service needs and expectations can be matched. We want to exchange experiences of climate services in different CORDEX regions and discuss their transferability.